1 Cu. Ft. Macrolite Filter Media

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WP CF-50
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For filtration applications that demand high flow rates and increased effluent quality, Macrolite™ Engineered Ceramic Media delivers more performance on a smaller equipment footprint. Available in common filtration sizes, Macrolite media spheres optimize filtration performance with two key features: remarkably uniform physical properties and greater surface area allowing filtration to 3 microns. Macrolite is tough and durable. It’s a chemically inert medium that provides excellent resistance to acids, caustics, oxidants, and ferric salts.

Particle Uniformity Boosts Flow, Reduces System Footprint

Compared to aggregates, Macrolite filtration spheres are engineered with extraordinarily uniform composition, shape, size, sphericity, and density. This typically allows you to boost flow rates to 10 gpm/ft2 (25 m/hr) and can allow surprising improvements in filtration performance and operating efficiency. Compared to traditional filtration media, Macrolite’s improved effluent quality along with its enhanced ability to dampen influent changes produce a higher quality effluent, time after time.

Macrolite operates at significantly higher flux compared to traditional media. In new bed installations versus conventional media, Macrolite allows you to minimize bed size, reduce the equipment footprint and lower your capital costs. Backwash energy requirements are lower, too. And because of Macrolite’s structure and surface properties, it requires less chemistry. These features lower a plant’s operating costs.

Enhanced Surface Area Traps More Solids Down to 3 Microns

Macrolite maximizes total filtering surface area for a given bed size. Macrolite spheres also have a surface composition that promotes colloidal attachment. The remarkable uniformity of Macrolite spheres plays an important role, by enhancing transport mechanisms within the filter bed to increase the probability of colloid-to-granule contact. Together, these effects can allow a bed of Macrolite media to filter down to the 3 micron level, compared to 10 microns for a conventional aggregate bed.

Macrolite also forms a critical barrier to cyst contaminants like Giardia and Cryptosporidium. It can remove significantly more cyst-based contaminants than other conventional aggregate media.

Waste Water

  • Improved flow rates
  • Reduced headloss
  • Higher UFRVs
  • Enhanced Fosphorus and TSS removal                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


  • Tertiary Filtration
  • Denitrification
  • Ultra-low phosphorus

Drinking Water

  • Improved flow rates
  • Reduced headloss
  • Enhanced particle removal


  • Gravity Filtration
  • Arsenic
  • Iron and manganese
  • Direct filtration
  • Biologically active filtration
  • membrane pre-treatment



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