1 Cu. Ft. Mixed Bed Ion Exchange DI Resin

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1 cu.ft. new standard grade mixed bed DI ion-exchange resin is designed to provide general DI water production and throughput. 

60% anion and 40% cation functional groups made from cross linked polystyrene gel are impermeable in diluted or relatively concentrated acid alkalis, as well as in all common solvents.

New standard grade mixed bed DI Resin is intended for usage in all mixed bed deionization applications, and is chiefly appropriated for portable exchange and polishing actions

The special combination of high capacity cation and anion resin components ensures excellent ion exchange, maximum throughput, and excellent regeneration capabilities.

Thermal and physical stability provide resistance to thermal and physical stresses. 

Ideal for portable exchange DI systems where a central facility regenerates the resin.


 US Resin's MB-1 (H/OH forms) Ion Exchange Resin is separated and regenerated to specification at Aqua Exchange's state-of-the-art Service DI facility located in Vista, California, employing best-in-class automation and data driven process control. 

Aqua Exchange's regenerated strong acid/strong base DI resin is a blend of 40%/60% cation/anion resin that can be used in portable exchange DI (PEDI) uses to remove high TDS from municipal water sources or to polish low levels of dissolved solids from reverse osmosis water treatment systems.  Our Mixed bed DI resin is reusable hundreds of times and can be separated and regenerated at Aqua Automation LLC Service DI plant. 

The Product is a specialized blend of type I strong base cross-linked polystyrene gel type anion exchange resin, with dark black 8% cross-linked strong acid porous cross linked polystyrene  gel type cation exchange resins. The dark black color of the cation resin allows easy visualization in mixed bed ion exchange vessels. The 40% Cation 60% Anion ratio ensures exceptional hydraulic features and regeneration capabilities for both organic and inorganic ions.


  • Portable Exchange DI (PEDI)
  • Chemical solution make-up 
  • Industrial pure-water uses
  • Condensate polishing
  • Product purification
  • Aquarium make-up water
  • Detergents
  • Cartridge demineralizers
  • Boiler feedwater
  • Spot-free car, window, and solar panel washing

Conventional ROs reject anywhere from 15% to 75% of total water fed to the membrane. By comparison, portable ion exchange produces zero water waste for the end user.

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