1 Gallon Bulk Deionized Water (Pre-pay for pickup in Vista only)

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15¢ per  gallon bulk deionized water is produced and sold at the Aqua Exchange facility in Vista, CA. Municipal water first passes through Carbon, Macrolite and softener vessels before Reverse Osmosis  and finally a dual-stage mixed bed DI resin polish.  Aqua Exchange LLC will fill your vessel or tank with GF Signet instrumentation measured and verified deionized water that meets or exceeds ASTM specifications for Type 1 deionized water.

Deionized water is more than 3 times cleaner than distilled water and is stripped of all ions including iron, calcium, and sodium. 

Deionized water has a wide variety of applications including laboratory water, boiler feedwater, industrial processes, spot-free car washes window washes and solar panel cleaning, aquarium make-up water, agricultural applications, a non-chemical cleaner, various other residential or commercial uses.

Bulk Discount: 08¢ per gallon >200-gal.

Aqua Exchange does not perform ASTM testing. 

AE DI water is measured at 006 microSiemens/cm (µS/cm) or less.

This product is not intended for food, beverage, medical, or human consumption applications.


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