3M™ High Flow Filter Vessels

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High Flow System Filter Housings

3M™ High Flow system filter housings are specifically designed to deliver all of the system’s benefits in a compact footprint in your production site. Housings are available in ASME code or Non- Code standard designs, as well as customizable configurations to suit your specific needs. The surface finishes available for the housings are glass bead blasted, painted or polished.

The outside-to-inside flow pattern of the 3M High Flow system translates into a simpler filter housing design and operation. Alternative inside-to-outside flow designs require the use of a bulky support plate for cartridge sealing. This support plate must be removed during cartridge installation and change-out, and may require the use of special tools. The 3M High Flow housing features a centerpost design for cartridge support, requiring no support plates or special tools, providing a user-friendly cartridge installation and removal process.

3M High Flow series filter housings come with a choice of standard inlet and outlet connection size options.


Features Benefits
High Flow Capability per Cartridge (vs. conventional 2.5" diameter cartridges)

Allows for use of smaller diameter housing reducing capital expense and system footprint requirements.

Fewer cartridges required, resulting in:

  • Reduced cartridge handling & disposal
  • Reduced filter change-out time
  • Less individual cartridge seal points reducing chance of fluid bypass
Robust Cartridge Centerpost Support Design
  • Eliminates need for bulky support plates and tools
  • Facilitates cartridge installation & removal
Unique Diamond Pleated Cartridge Sealing Mechanism ("Twist to Lock" into Plug Base Closure)
  • Allows for verification or proper cartridge seating, reducing chance of fluid bypass












High Flow Filter Cartridge

Flow rates per cartridge:

  • 3M™ High Flow cartridge: 350 gpm
  • 2.5” outer diameter (OD) conventional pleated cartridge: 20 gpm
  • 2.5” outer diameter (OD) conventional depth cartridge: 15 gpm

Design Features:

  • Ease of use- An ergonomically designed handle facilitates fast and easy insertion and removal without the use of special tools. Cartridges are simply inserted over a built-in guide tube.

  • Polypropylene construction- Provides wide range of compatibility with various fluids.

  • Compound radial pleat design- Maximizes usable surface area per cartridge

  • High flow- 3-inch core permits up to 500 gpm through a single cartridge (60” length). Seating mechanism uses a “twist to lock” design to provide a positive seal.

The Bottom Line:

  • The 3M High Flow system requires 90% fewer cartridges as conventional 2.5" OD cartridge systems for a given flow rate
  • 3M High Flow series filter housings are 33% to 50% smaller than filter housings for conventional 2.5" OD cartridges for a given flow rate
  • Fewer filters and a user-friendly housing design mean easier and faster filter change-outs






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