Batch Treatment In-a-Box

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The skid-mounted Batch Treatment In-a-Box (BT-IaB) is built on our 15-years of experience manufacturing wastewater treatment systems, engineered to batch treat wastewater by controlled dosing of acid & caustic for pH adjustment, a liquid precipitant for metals precipitation & chrome reduction, flocculent for sludge conditioning, and an optional 5th feed pump for a coagulant or bleach for cyanide oxidation.

 Available in Small with a 1” AOD system pump & 24vdc-actuated chemical feed valves for a 1,050-gallon or less treatment tanks and Large with a 1.5” AOD system pump & AOD chemical pumps for 2,500-gallon or less treatment tanks.

A single AOD system pump provides for incoming waste feed, solution recirculation for chemical dosing & in-tank mixing, treated-water discharge, and sludge feed. Incoming & outgoing flow are manually controlled using 3-way valves on the pump inlet & outlet. Chemicals are fed into recirculating solution and mixed by in-tank eductors.  pH & ORP sensors regulating chemical feed are in-line on the recirculation loop simplifying installation and ongoing maintenance.

The system can be purchased as an integrated system including all required tanks with installed fittings & components or as a stand-alone skid for customer-installation with existing or customer-provided waste & treatment tanks and filter press.