October's Featured Product

October's Featured Product

Sep 30th 2019

GF Signet 2580 FlowtraMag™ Meter

What is it

The FlowtraMag is a full-bore magnetic flowmeter intended for >20-uS/cm water that with its plastic body, titanium electrodes, no moving parts, & FKM seals are also suitable for many acidic liquids.

How’s it different

Manufactured of light-weight corrosion-resistant Sch-80 PVC in 1” & 2” with union connections and 4” with flange connections, it offers many improvements over existing full-bore magmeters with 6 patents including how the magnetic field is controlled and an algorithm for filtering measurement glitches.

With its 0.07 ft/s minimum flow and requiring only 3x pipe-ID upstream & 2x pipe-ID downstream, versus 10-50X upstream & 5X downstream for paddlewheels, FlowtraMag is highly accurate with factory calibration to ±1% even in large-pipe/low-flow applications and installations with limited length of inlet & outlet pipe runs.

How it works

Integral 25’ cables provide its 24VDC @ max 24w power and for passive & active 4-20mA current and field selectable 5-24VDC frequency or digital (S3L) outputs to Signet instruments and DCS/PLC/Modbus devices. It includes a LED to provide its operating status and 10 LED to indicate 0-100% flow in 10% increments.

FlowtraMag is Signet’s first flowmeter engineered for the GF Configuration Tool Bluetooth® 4.2 App for both iOS & Android, providing real-time flow monitoring, rate or volume calibration, data-logging with CSV file export, and useful features like reverse flow configuration and liquid temperature.

Ready to assist and ship

While FlowtraMag has just been released to market, Aqua Automation has extensive "hands-on" experience with its functionality & operation, having beta-tested multiple units in our own & customer facilities. Let us put our knowledge of FlowtraMag and 20-years of working with Signet products to work for you.

We stock each of the 3 different size FlowtraMag meters along with Signet’s latest generation single-channel 9900 and dual-channel 9950 instruments for same-day shipping. Our technicians are able to configure the FlowtraMag based on your application or can assist you to configure it yourself.

The performance you’ve been waiting for is here