BT IaB - Batch Treatment

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Water Innovations's BT-IaB simplifies & lowers the cost of waste treatment by using a single air diaphragm pump & three-way valves for incoming wastewater & treated-water transfer and solution recirculation for mixing & chemical feed, eliminating multiple pumps and the need for a mixer. Using either manual or actuated flow control valves, BT-IaB is scalable for different size treatment tanks & adaptable for chrome reduction or cyanide oxidation by changing the pump size, number of chemical feeds, sensor types, & configuration of tank eductors. 

Innovative Design

The skid-mounted Batch Treatment In-a-Box (BT-IaB) is built on our 15-years of experience manufacturing wastewater treatment systems. It’s engineered to batch treat wastewater by controlled dosing of acid & caustic for pH adjustment, with a liquid precipitant for metals precipitation & chrome reduction, flocculent for sludge conditioning, and an optional 5th feed pump for a coagulant or bleach for cyanide oxidation

Standard System Sizes

Available in Small with a 1” AOD system pump & 24vdc-actuated chemical feed valves for a 1,050-gallon or less treatment tanks and Large with a 1.5” AOD system pump & AOD chemical pumps for 2,500-gallon or less treatment tanks.

Skid-mounted Components

The single AOD system pump provides for incoming waste feed, solution recirculation for chemical dosing & in-tank mixing, treated-water discharge, and sludge feed. Incoming & outgoing flow are manually controlled using 3-way valves on the pump inlet & outlet. Chemicals are fed into recirculating solution and mixed by in-tank eductors. pH & ORP sensors regulating chemical feed are in-line on the recirculation loop simplifying installation and ongoing maintenance.


Can be purchased as the key component of an integrated system including all required tanks with installed fittings & components or as a stand-alone skid for customer-installation and integration with customer-provided waste tanks, the treatment tank and filter press.

Waste Tanks

The one (1) Acid & 1 Alkaline waste tank are each equipped with a pressure sensor to monitor 0- 100% tank level to regulate waste transferto the treatment tank. Additional waste tanks can be added if individually isolated with manual waste transfer to the treatment tank using the system pump controlled by the operator.

Treatment Tank

The cone-bottom tank uses four (4) floats to regulate incoming waste, system activation, treated water discharge, and sludge transfer. Mixing is provided by recirculating solution through in-tank eductors that draw accumulated solution into their vortex. Treated water is manually discharged through a clear pipe for visual inspection with a tap for sample collection while sludge is emptied by gravity through a diaphragm valve on the cone outlet both to a 3-way manual valve on the system pump inlet for feed to a filter press or a holding tank.

Filter Press

While the IaB system pump provides for sludge feed, the filter press itself would be supplied by the customer. The small BT-IaB 1” AOD pump can feed up to a 5-ft3 filter press and the Large system up to 10-ft3. Our optional Auto Pump Controller (APC) offered at additional expense can automatically increase pump air supply to compensate for filter press back-pressure to eliminate need for the operator to adjust air during dewatering.

Optional Sludge Tank

The cone-bottom tank would include a high-level float to inhibit incoming sludge and low-level float to halt feed to the filter press once it is empty. The supernate & sludge outlets would be configured identical to the treatment tank feeding a 3-way manual valve on the inlet to the system pump.




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