Cerapure-C Carbon Coated Ceramic Filtration Media

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Cerapure-C was developed by Wateroplis Corp which since 2014 has manufactured innovative granular ceramic materials for water filtration including Ceraflow 50™ which Water Innovations markets under the tradename Macrolite® and has utilized with great success for suspended solids filtration in industrial wastewater recycling applications by ion exchange for more than 15-years.

Like Ceraflow, Cerapure-C is a robust ceramic highly textured granular filter media but with a granular activated carbon (GAC) coating permanently attached to its surface. Its small effective size & low uniformity coefficient ensure excellent particle removal and retention to 10-microns or less, providing the same surface bio-regeneration as GAC. But superior to GAC, it is significantly less prone to degradation & attrition over time including in biological applications.

Cerapure-C as a single dual-purpose media provides both effective suspended solids filtration and dichlorination eliminating need for GAC which is often improperly used to filter suspended solids leading to its fouling and need for premature replacement because of poor performance.

Beyond superior performance, Cerapure-C provides cost-savings, simplicity, & reduced footprint by eliminating need for separate reaction vessels for suspended solids filtration by a multimedia and dechlorination by GAC in waste treatment or water recycling applications that require both.

Its uniform particle size allows Cerapure-C to operate at 11-gpm/ft2 that’s a substantially higher service flowrate than alternative multi-medias and requires a lower volume of and less frequent backwashing resulting in higher unit filter run volumes (“UFRV’s”) and reduced waste water.

Because Cerapure-C is ceramic with acid solubility typically less than 1%, it is ideal for biological water filtration with a reactive surface area that’s suitable for bio-film growth & bio-regeneration of preferred surface organisms. Because it’s ceramic there is no structural breakdown or need to remove fines which as they develop over time result in increased head loss.

Cerapure-C is ideal for applications requiring:

  • Chlorine or chloramine reduction 
  • Particle removal & retention to 10µ
  • Silt Density Index (SDI) reduction
  • Biologically active filtration

Cerapure-C* outperforms GAC as a filtration media by more effectively removing solids and backwashing at lower rates to reduce wastewater *Patent Pending

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