CP Series Commercial Water Filtration

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CP213f OD

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Kinetico's CP Series water filtration systems are made to handle the most common commercial applications. Supplying flow rates as high as 20 gallons per minute, CP Series filters are a perfect fit for most medium-sized commercial applications. Kinetico’s commercial softeners are highly advanced in design to offer flexibility in both set-up and operation. This flexibility enables the systems to operate in either an Overdrive configuration, for maximum flow, or in an Alternating configuration, for maximum efficiency.

Kinetico’s CP Series filtration systems are highly efficient systems which are designed to be environmentally responsible. These systems are completely configurable based on volume and application requirements, and can be combined with CP Series Softening Systems.

How are the CP Series Filtration Systems different?

• Non-Electric. Powered by the kinetic energy of moving water. Reliable, no timers or computers to set, adjust, repair or replace.

• Multi-Tank System. Unlimited supply of clean, filtered water. Best for high flow rates.

• Corrosion-Resistant Valve and Tanks. Long lasting and can endure even the harshest environments.

• Backwash with Treated Water. Enhanced cleaning results in improved water quality and longer media life.

• Filtration Options:

• Carbon Filtration media provides removal of chlorine and odors.

• Calcite Filtration media increases the alkalinity of your water.

• Macrolite® Filtration media is specified when fine pre-filtration is critical. This innovative media is used to remove particles as small as five microns. Provides effective elimination of iron and other particulates.


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