CWT-IaB - Cannabis Water Treatment

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Systems Overview

With innovative simplicity built on our 15-years of experience engineering & manufacturing chemical feed, water recycling and waste treatment systems, Water Innovations Inc. designed state-of-the-art water purification or recycling, nutrient-feed, and waste treatment systems for land-based and hydroponic cultivation. Operating stand-alone or in combination, these systems are highly-automated with programmable logic control through a local touchscreen and mobile devices, while offering flexibility for various requirements. Skid-mounted except for the treatment tank, they deliver as complete kits including PVC interconnect pipe & waterproof cables to connect the skid & treatment tank. Requiring just 20 amps 120v-1Ø power, they can be quickly installed and ready to operate in hours by following our step-by-step how-to video.

Water Purification

For purification of potable or recycled feed water by removing to trace levels naturally- occurring organic & inorganic contaminants and added-nutrients phosphorous, nitrogen, & potassium. Designed for minimal waste, includes 50µ & 5µ filters for suspended solids; Macrolite filter for iron, manganese, arsenic & cysts followed by a softener for calcium & magnesium with Kinetico® CP control valves. Reverse osmosis further polishes product water to remove up to 97% of remaining TDS. The wastewater from filter & softener cleaning and also RO reject may require treatment to comply with local regulations. Feed water TSS & TDS and system flow are measured along with product water pH & TDS to ensure high quality.


With monitoring of feed water pH, TDS, & flow by the controller to execute recipes set at the touchscreen, it’s adaptable to any nutrient combination by modifying the number of chemical feeds. Instead of using a separate in-tank mixer, chemical feed pumps and a solution supply pump, a single pump controlled by an in-tank level sensor recirculates to mix the solution using in-tank eductors. Rather than using feed pumps, nutrients feed are controlled by an actuated-valve with a check-valve preventing back-flow, drawn into an in-line eductor and dispersed by a static mixer. After completion of nutrient dosing, the solution is pressurized by the pump to the crops with continual recirculation for ongoing mixing & nutrient dispersion within the solution.

Waste Treatment

As required by environmental regulations for surface run-off & discharges or to satisfy personal environmental stewardship, sources of Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) would be oxidized & metals concentrated by water purification/recycling would be removed. Controlled by an ORP sensor, bleach or peroxide is dosed in the same way nutrients are added into recirculating pressurized wastewater. Metals such as copper & zinc among others is to be removed by ion-exchange resin that shall be replaced as its capacity is reached, determined by sampling discharge water.

Integrated Systems


Shared Features

  • 120VAC 1Ø or 230/460 VAC-3Ø electrical

  • Industrial Sch-80 PVC piping & valves

  • NEMA waterproof outdoor enclosure

  • IP65 waterproof devices & instruments

  • Fully-integrated & pre-wired system

  • Tested & ready for immediate use

  • Tank delivered with installed-fittings

  • Includes interconnect pipes & conduit

Systems Control

Systems operation is automated by a programmable controller with operator interface locally by a color touch screen & remote access by internet on mobile devices. Operating parameters and recipes are easily adjusted as requirements change with critical alarms requiring immediate attention displayed on the touchscreen & communicated to off-site personnel. Real-time & historical data is provided, allowing for trend analysis & process optimization.

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