De-ionized Water In-a-Box

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IaB systems are state-of-the-art water deionization & wastewater treatment systems consisting of a single integrated skid, assembled tank(s), and installation fittings In-a-Box, “value-engineered” to provide the same quality & performance as higher-cost equipment.  Delivered in 4 to 6 weeks, powered by 20a@120vac and requiring minimal interconnections, they are quickly installed & ready to use in just hours by following step-by-step instructions.

System Design 

Built on our 15-years of experience manufacturing wastewater treatment systems, the skid-mounted BT-IaB is engineered to batch treat wastewater by controlled dosing of acid & caustic for pH adjustment, precipitant for metals & chrome reduction, flocculent for sludge conditioning, and optional bleach for cyanide oxidation or a coagulant. Available either for integration and use with customer waste & treatment tanks, and filter press or optional sludge-holding tank, or as the key part of a turn-key custom system.

System options include feed water pre-treatment by multimedia filtration for elevated TSS levels or carbon for dechlorination, and integrated regeneration wastewater neutralization .