NSC Series Reverse osmosis Water System

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The NSC-Series reverse osmosis systems are ideal for low to medium volume applications where space is at a premium. The proprietary, encapsulated cartridges provide for easy, sanitary filter changes. An integrated blending valve and a TDS meter allow for precise TDS water profiles.The NSC-Series is part of the Kinetico Commercial Reverse Osmosis portfolio of products.

Advanced Filtration. Delivers high quality pure water to your application by removing dissolved solids (TDS). • Capacity Range. 120 to 250 gallons per day of high quality water.

Efficient Water Production. Designed to maximize water conservation.

Sized for Small Restaurants, Coffee Shops & Kiosks. Ideal gpd range for low to medium volume uses.

Bladder Tank Efficiency. Connect to a product water bladder tank for purified water delivery to downstream equipment.

Space-Saving Design. Wall mount or place on cabinet deck.

Blending System. Allows for precise blending of filtered water with reverse osmosis product water to achieve desired TDS profile.

Optional Accessories:

Filtration improves feed water quality by removing excessive suspended solids.

Softening increases reverse osmosis performance by eliminating hardness fouling, extending membrane life and improving water quality.

Storage systems provide a constant supply and pressure of high quality water.

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