Portable Exchange DI Vessel Deposits and Rentals

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$30.00 - $545.00 ex. Tax


Located in Vista serving San Diego, Orange & Riverside Counties, our state-of-the-art facility provides Portable Exchange Deionization (PEDI) resin regeneration services. We strive to exceed customers’ expectations by providing only the highest capacity regenerated resin with QA/QC of every batch monitored by data logging & analysis. The best-in-class products we offer have been selected and are sourced from trusted partners we’ve established over 15 years designing & building ion exchange systems.

Our state-of-the-art facility employs best-in-class process control through data analysis to continuously ensure 10,000 grain capacity per ft3 of 60/40 mix in every single batch. With a commitment to the highest quality through continuous process improvement we exceed customer expectations by providing outstanding service at competitive pricing. Standard services include 40X-microscope examination with photo documentation and detailed chemical consumption & regeneration rinsing endpoint with QA/QC testing and reporting. The Aqua Exchange facility has the capability to remove, separate, regenerate, mix, and reload to the standard 60/40 mix of anion and cation resin components in your choice of vessels or bulk super-sacks. 

Conventional ROs reject anywhere from 15% to 75% of total water fed to the membrane. By comparison, portable ion exchange produces zero water waste for the end user.

We offer 30% off bulk discounts on 27 cubic feet or more in Resin regeneration service.

3-5 day turnaround time

Aqua Exchange Portable Service DI vessels are made from heavy duty Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) and feature a polyethylene(PE) internal liner for high chemical resistance. The included head assembly features stainless steel reinforcement, a strainer built-in to the riser tube to prevent bead migration, as well as 1" threaded female connections and a 1.75" fill port. Vessels come equipped with a rubber bumper to protect the unit during transport. Our vessels come complete with your choice of standard or high capacity mixed bed DI resin made up of 60% anion and 40 % cation. 

Rental deposit waived with good credit. 

NSF Vessel Design Parameters

  • Safety Factor: 4:1

  • Minimum burst at 600 psi

  • Tested to 100,000 cycles without leakage

Operating Parameters

  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 150 psi

  • Maximum operating temperature 120°F

 When ion exchange tanks become exhausted and are unable to remove ionic impurities, they are replaced with freshly regenerated vessels. Aqua Exchange LLC. provides the regenerated  ion exchange resins for both OEM and end users through our DI resin regeneration facility in Vista, CA. 

Vessel applications include Cation, anion, mixed bed ion exchange resins, water softener, and granular activated carbon. 

Aqua Exchanges Portable ion exchange DI water vessels (PEDI) are offered in different sizes and require no chemical handling or maintenance by the OEM or end user. Only premium quality ion exchange resins used in municipal water filtration applications are regenerated to ensure dependable performance and throughput. 

Forklift available for on site pick-up/dropoff. 

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